Toolaholics be warned

Those with serious tool addictions should steer clear - we aim to enable!

My name's Lucy and I have a problem, I'm a toolaholic.... and I probably like the wine a little bit much too.  

So in order to dampen my desire to go on a raging spending spree, I went on a virtual one instead and put together this list.  It's a list of tools that I would buy today if I were setting up a studio for myself.  Obviously, this list will be different for everyone, for example if you aren't doing any micro-stone setting in your work, then you definitely won't need a microscope.  As this is my personal list, it's pretty expansive and based on tools I actually own and use regularly.

However, I beg you to listen when I say you don't need everything on this list.  If you are just starting out, my advice is to go slow and steady, and master those tools one at a time...... but anyway, enough waffle....