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Beyond excellent wire/chain class!!

Michele Hays

This class exceeded my expectations easily!! I mainly wanted to learn how to do the S-clasp, as well as maybe improve my soldering technique. This class di...

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This class exceeded my expectations easily!! I mainly wanted to learn how to do the S-clasp, as well as maybe improve my soldering technique. This class did that, and more! I now have a more thorough working knowledge of why I do what I do - the portion on understanding annealing was information I didn't know I needed! I have always done my work 'because that's how my teacher said it's done' rather than understanding 'the why' of it. Now I have a much further, in depth understanding - I wish I'd known all of this when I first got started!! Love Love Love this class!! Great Job Lucy and Team!!

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Old Dogs can learn new tricks!

Renee Smith

I am learning new ways to use tools. I never thought of using round/flat pliers and half round/flat pliers to make clasps. Fluxing the solder pick and then...

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I am learning new ways to use tools. I never thought of using round/flat pliers and half round/flat pliers to make clasps. Fluxing the solder pick and then Focusing heat on solder pick much easier way to pick solder.

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Chunky Chain with S-clasp

vennice aw

Before I sign up this online class, I was panic and lack of confidence about my soldering skill. My solder always can't flow well and my piece like a mess in...

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Before I sign up this online class, I was panic and lack of confidence about my soldering skill. My solder always can't flow well and my piece like a mess in the end. Through this class, I clearly understand about soldering, Lucy is well explaining about the technique, what we should do and shouldn't do and how can we solve it. Also, this is an entire new challenge for me to make my own Chain and S-clasp, I am so excited to make it now. Sincerely appreciate this valuable course. Thank you Lucy.

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Chunky Chain With S-Clasp

Level: Beginner Plus

So you’ve decided you want to get to grips with soldering? You came to the right place! I want to show you step by step that soldering really doesn’t need to be as difficult as you think. By learning the right techniques such as torch control from the start, whilst working on fun projects, you really can build confidence and get up and running in no time at all. In this class, we'll guide you step by step through the wonderful world of soldering as we create a chunky chain together. No soldering experience is required to take this course but it’s advisable to have some experience with the basic tools such as a jewellers saw. If you don’t have that experience already, check out our Saw Pierced Pendant online class before diving into this one.
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Class Format

Our classes will be in an on-demand video format so you can watch them whenever it suits you - no need to worry about fitting your schedule around us.  You'll also be able to download and print all our handouts for reference right at your workbench.

Each class will come with downloadable detailed lists of tool and material requirements and we'll even include our favourite suppliers in there too!  Including for all those luscious gemstones.

Whilst we aim to keep our classes waffle-free and as to the point as possible, we can't promise not to go off on tangents exploring techniques and ideas, but hopefully as an artist you'll understand that.

We hope you're going to love our classes as much as we enjoy making them. But more than that, we hope to see you kick some serious ass as you work through the projects here.  Don't forget to share your successes and even your failures on our students-only Facebook page. We want to be with you in the good times and the bad.

Welcome aboard guys - Let's do this!!!

  • Engaging videos

    Crystal clear, direct to the point, and with a little humour thrown in for good measure. Our aim is that you learn as quickly and as effectively as possible whilst making you feel like you’re right here with us in the studio. Our Chunky Chain class has over 1 hour 40 minutes of easy to follow, succinct videos to help you get creating confidently in no time at all.

  • Kick-ass handouts

    We understand that nobody wants to work with their laptop on their desk! So, we created downloadable handouts full of detailed instructions and step by step photographs to help you along. Our Chunky Chain class has over 52 pages of full-colour handouts, supporting material and tools lists.

  • Clear explanations

    We understand that concepts don’t just need explaining in terms of how, but also why….. It’s only by truly understanding the why that you’ll be able to develop the thought processes necessary to work effectively alone. We’re super happy to have you as a student, but what would make us happiest? You being able to create beautiful jewellery, all by yourself.

What you'll need

Essential tool requirements:

  • Soldering equipment including a torch (a decent butane torch will suffice for this project), soldering surface (we use hard charcoal or a solderlite pad from Rio Grande, tweezers or solder pick, flux and pickle
  • Cross locking tweezers
  • Jewellers saw and good quality blades (we are using 2/0 blades)
  • Half round needle file #2 or #3 cut
  • Two sets of pliers – flat nose and chain nose will work great, parallel pliers will work even better
  • Flat hand file #0 or #2 cut
  • Cylindrical steel mandrels in various sizes dependant upon the size you wish to use for your chain links, we’ll be using 6mm and 10mm.  You can also purchase a jump ring maker such as those available from Pepe Tools or Potter USA
  • Sandpaper in various grits – we use 240, 600, 800 and 1200
  • Fine brass brush
  • Various gauges and profiles of sterling silver, brass, bronze or copper wire for the chain links.  We’ll be using 18 and 14-gauge round and square profile wire
  • Hard silver solder

The list can go on and on for tool requirements depending on your budget, and we will include a variety of possibilities in our downloadable handouts and during the tutorials. However, we want to make our projects available to everyone irrespective of budget so for the most part we will try not to get too flashy with the essential tools.

We try to be as helpful as possible and we hope that this list will be useful in getting you started. But please be aware that in order to keep class costs low, and because of the potential volume of such queries, we cannot respond to any emails asking about required materials, tools or how to go about using such tools.  The details will be covered extensively in our classes, and we recommend that you don't purchase tools and materials before we have the chance to show you all the incredible possibilities.

Lets do this!

You'll be amazed at just how much you're capable of

It doesn't need to be difficult

Soldering really doesn't need to be as complicated as it's often feared to be. Following a few simple steps with mindfulness and accuracy will help you confidently master the technique. Because of the small scale of this project, it's entirely possible to manage with a small hand-held butane torch.  Once you've got to grips with the basics, we'll take you to the next level to make a super funky, chunky chain with a handmade S-clasp

What's Included in the Course

We've included tonnes of extras to ensure you can complete this project confidently and fabulously!

  • Full video instructions on how to make a chunky chain together with an S-clasp including delving in detail into the wonderful world of soldering - videos are available for one whole year from the class start date!

  • Full downloadable handouts explaining step by step the project - these are yours to download and keep forever!

  • Downloadable tools and materials list

  • Downloadable suppliers list

  • Tool making videos

  • Access to students-only Facebook group

We're here to help you:

  • Understand basic metal forming techniques with simple and more complex tools including making an S-clasp from heavy gauge square and round wire

  • Appreciate the need for, and grasp the importance of annealing

  • Know how to prepare your own pickle

  • Learn silver soldering confidently

  • Understand the importance of preparing a solder pick

  • Use sandpaper effectively, including making sandpaper sticks

  • Understand the process of using rubber wheels and modifying them where necessary

  • Get to grips with polishing using a tumbler, but also understand that a good polish is only as good as your sanding process

  • Learn how to prepare solder for use

  • Get creative in using different chain link variations, using textures and alternative forming techniques

We're all about the details

We want every single student who signs up to not only complete the project, but do it with confidence! We appreciate that everyone learns differently so not only are our lessons delivered through high quality video tutorials, they're also supported by full written handouts including detailed instructions, extensive infographics and high quality close up photographs.

We know that it's difficult to get started on the road to creating a jewellery collection. Time, money and confidence play a huge part in addition to learning the skills required. That's why we designed this course to not only be easy to follow, with lessons in video and written form, but our students-only Facebook page will hopefully let you connect with our student community and share feedback and answers to any problems you're facing as well as positive critiques on finished projects.

  • Confidence building, easy to follow, step by step lessons. If you fail that's because we failed you

  • Short and direct to the point lessons, we know you're tight on time, we won't waste it with waffle!

  • • Support and feedback from the community through our students-only Facebook group

Frequently asked questions

  • How often can I watch the videos?

    If you purchase the course, you can watch the videos as many times as you like for a 1-year period.

  • Do I need specialist tools and equipment for this class?

    Yes you will need specific tools for this class, we have included a tool list for you to view at the beginning of the course.

  • Can I download the videos?

    The videos are only playable through the website and so are not downloadable.

  • Can I download the handouts?

    Absolutely you can! It would be pretty tough to work with your laptop on your workbench.

  • I haven't done any metalwork before, is this a good place to start?

    This class is ideal for those who have basic soldering skills or who are new to soldering but have basic experience using a pendant motor / flex shaft and jewellers saw. We recommend taking our Saw Pierced Pendant class first if your brand new to metalsmithing.

  • Will I get a certificate

    Upon submission of final assignment you will receive a certificate.

  • Do the videos have subtitles?

    Unfortunately not, however our handouts that accompany the videos have extensive, easy to follow instructions.

  • Can I just purchase the handouts?

    We only offer the courses as a package.

  • Will Lucy be able to personally answer any questions we have on the classes?

    We love to hear from our students, but in order to be able to keep our classes at a price point affordable for all, the classes are not interactive. With over 6000 students currently enrolled, it would be impossible to reply to messages from everyone – we are a tiny team and would have no time to create the content you love if we did! If you do want that little extra support however, don’t worry at all, we will be launching membership options later this year which will include a dedicated forum to answer your questions online.


Lucy Walker - Founder and Creative Director

Gemologist, artisan, entrepreneur and educator, Lucy Walker has studied, worked and travelled all over the world, pursuing her dreams in jewellery design.   

Born in Sheffield, England, she moved to Manila at the age of 21 to study at the Gemology Institute of America.  By 23, she was studying metal-smithing and working in fine-jewellery in New York City.   At 28, she returned to her home in England to secure a degree in jewellery design from the prestigious Birmingham City University School of Jewellery before accepting a job with Australia's largest and oldest pearling company, Paspaley, and relocating to Darwin.

Then, in 2015, her globetrotting came to an end, when she moved to Kuala Lumpur, the city she now calls home, to take up a jewellery design teaching position at Raffles College.  Two years later, driven by a desire to establish a modern, relevant curriculum for jewellery design and a creative community in which makers and designers of all levels can feel at home, she established The Academy at Lucy Waker Jewellery Design.

The Academy is unique in that is specializes in short, modular courses to help artisans build a bespoke set of skills to further their own individual passion for making jewellery, with a focus on talent sharing and growing together.  In 2019, The Academy launched an online learning portal to allow more students to join the community.  

In her free time, Lucy continues to travel, observing and learning from goldsmiths, gemologists and metal-smiths around the world and picking up beautiful gems along the way for her private clients.  Lucy is married to her business partner Shaun Terence Teo and under her workbench you'll usually find her CrossFit gear, her running shoes and her other partners in crime, her dogs, Leonard, Lola and Howie.