How does it work?

If you're brand new to the wonderful world of metalsmithing, you'll want to start right at the very beginning and work through the classes one by one. If you stick to the order they're in right here on the website, you'll be making beautiful jewellery in no time at all!

We're stronger together!

Class Format

We are beyond excited to launch our online classes! Of course, we'd love it if you could also come to Kuala Lumpur to hang out in person, but unfortunately, reality often kicks in.  We just hope our online classes can be the next best option. 

Our classes are in an on-demand video format so you can watch them whenever it suits you - no need to worry about fitting your schedule around us.  You'll also be able to download and print all our handouts for reference right at your workbench.  All our videos are available to watch for a whole year from the date of purchase, or the date at which they go live (whichever is later), and our extensive full-colour handouts are yours to download and keep forever.  

Each class will come with downloadable detailed lists of tool and material requirements and we'll even include our favourite suppliers in there too! Including those for all those luscious gemstones.

We love to hear from our students, but in order to be able to keep our classes at a price point affordable for all, the classes are not interactive.  With over 3000 students currently enrolled, it would be impossible to reply to messages from everyone – we are a tiny team and would have no time to create the content you love if we did! If you do want that little extra support however, don’t worry at all, we will be launching membership options later this year which will include us going live every week to answer your questions online.

Whilst we aim to keep our classes waffle free and as to the point as possible, we can't promise not to go off on tangents exploring techniques and ideas, but hopefully as an artist you'll understand that.

We hope you're going to love our classes as much as we enjoy making them. But more than that, we hope to see you kick some serious ass as you work through the projects here.  Don't forget to share your successes and even your failures on our students-only Facebook group. We want to be with you in the good times and the bad. 

Welcome aboard guys - Let's do this!!!

We know that it's difficult to get started on the road to creating a jewellery collection. Time, money and confidence play a huge part in addition to learning the skills required. That's why we designed this course in an easy to follow video format, together with full downloadable handouts explaining projects step by step. We've also set up a students-only Facebook group, so you can enjoy the community that comes with taking classes too!

  • Confidence building, easy to follow, step by step lessons. If you fail, that's because we failed you

  • Short and direct to the point lessons. We know you're tight on time, we won't waste it with waffle!

  • Support and feedback through our students-only Facebook group. We won't let you struggle alone

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If you’d like to be a part of our online classes and supportive jewellery making community, we’d love to have you join us. To be kept up to date on our classes and receive special launch pricing, please sign up below.

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What people are saying.....

by Rela Venter

Jewellery Kickstarter

by Rela Venter

I recently took part of Lucy Walker's first Kickstarter Course in January 2019. I travelled from South Africa for the 4 week course duration and could not recommend the experience highly enough! The amount of preparation and planning that went into this course was apparent, and whilst I already had some experience, Lucy made sure that I was never bored by setting additional challenges for me. Lucy as a teacher is just amazing! She shares abundantly from her vast knowledge, there is no tool she doesn't have in her workshop, and is just a wonderful person to boot. Her Team is just as amazing, and the school was better equipped than any workshop Í've worked in before! I'm currently planning my return for another course!! Don't hesitate about joining one of her classes - they are worth every penny and every kilometer/mile you may need to travel!
Jade Lee

Kuala Lumpur Studio

Jade Lee

I had a wonderful experience at Lucy Walker Jewellery. I am very lucky to get to know Lucy. She is a great and passionate teacher with full of knowledge and always will share informations with her students. The environment at Lucy Walker is superb and well organised !! Fantastic place to learn jewellery design / jewellery making .
Zo-Ee Chee

Level 1 Jewellery Making

Zo-Ee Chee

Well equipped jewellery workshop and classrooms for aspiring jewellery designers and jewellers. Classes occur here regularly with Lucy as an excellent teacher. She focuses on really teaching you proper technique rather than shortcuts while explaining why things are done in that fashion. Great and lovely staff.
Pla Suchaya

Jewellery Kickstarter

Pla Suchaya

I’ve just completed 1 month kickstarter program here in Lucy Walker Jewellery. I highly recommended for someone who just started in jewelry making. Even you have zero experience or you have some experience, It's a very good way to make your own work more interesting. With a warm and cozy, homelike studio, lots of tools and equipment! The way that Lucy teaches you things is so different from my past experiences. She carefully explains and goes to you one by one to solve any problems you have and for some who have more experience than others, she will push you to do things more and learn more. It's always a challenging every day. She will tell you all the secrets you need to know and all the tricks to make things easier. And all of that will stay with you for the rest of your life. I don't know how to write to make people convince and come here, but all I can tell you is the past 1 month was the best month of my life. Can you imagine yourself making beautiful things everyday, meet new friends who have the same interest like you, be a student of one of the best jewelers in the industry? I promise you, It's worth every penny!!
Peter Nelson

Jewellery Kickstarter

Peter Nelson

I phenomenal investment of time and education. If you’re starting with no jewelry background, or a substantial head start, both ways you’re going to learn and improve a ton with Lucy Walker’s courses. The whole studio is lively, full of positive energy and the pursuit of skills growth. Higher praise cannot be given.
Jessie Koh

Stone Setting Level 1

Jessie Koh

Lucy is a gem of a teacher imparting valuable knowledge and patiently guiding you every step of the way, you can tell she genuinely wants the best for everyone. She makes you feel comfortable by creating a conducive environment for students to explore their creativity and hone their skills. I was sad when the class came to an end, it was an immensely enjoyable experience. I am looking forward to joining her next classes... Love love love!!!
Alvin Tee

Level 1 Jewellery Making

Alvin Tee

Lucy and her team deserved more than 5 stars rating. I recently completed Jewellery Making level 1. I have learnt a lot from Lucy and her team. They were patience and very keen in knowledge sharing. The course was well structured and concise, notes and material were well supplied. By the end of one week course, with some imagination, students will be able to make their own jewellery after level 1. The classroom environment is cosy and conducive for learning too. Every student gets their own workstation with amber tools and equipment around. Full exposure to jeweller maker environment! Not to forget the good companion of Lenny and Howe, lovely dogs. If anyone is considering the courses by Lucy, be it leisure or professionally, for sure, you are in good hands of Lucy and her team.
Evelyn Ong

Jewellery Kickstarter

Evelyn Ong

I’ve recently completed Jewellery Making Kickstarter here in Lucy Walker Jewellery. Lucy is the best teacher you can ever ask for. She’s passionate and knowledgeable in what’s she’s teaching. She’s also very encouraging and creative. She makes learning so easy and fun. I had zero knowledge and experience in jewellery making and this is a great workshop that provided me all the tools, notes, machines, guidance and fun that I required to pick up jewellery making. Not forgetting, Vennice who taught us jewellery design and rendering. She is so patient and she taught us tricks that are handy for drawing. Also, Fatima and Dameli, who were helpful in answering questions too. Lastly, the loving dogs that make stress vanish into thin air, Lenny and Howie The studio is located at an ideal location, Bangsar. Easily accessible, close to cafes, restaurants and bars. The studio is extremely well-equipped too. Lucy invests in all kinds of machines and tools that we can use to make unique pieces! Lucy also gives advices on which tools we should invest in and where we can get them.
Katie Naysmith

Jewellery Kickstarter

Katie Naysmith

Just completed Kickstarters Jewellery course here at Lucy Walker Jewellery. Words can't convey what an incredible experience I have had here! As a beginner, with a passion to get started and delve into the world of creating jewellery, I knew I was on a steep learning curve. Boy was I right, and it was worth it! Loved every minute. Lucy is a unique "gem" of a person. She had organised handouts, personal touches around the studio and we got started with hands on experience within the first few minutes of class on our first day. She is an enthusiastic, encouraging and patient teacher. The course is designed very well and follows a good structure in developing and building on previous skills you learn. Lucy is very generous and open about her knowledge and sharing it with you. And answers the many questions asked along the way. There is a huge selection of tools and machinery to use too.
Katie Naysmith

Jewellery Kickstarter

Katie Naysmith

The course was challenging and intense and really pushes you, which I enjoyed. It is great to see what other classmates create. Being in the studio was a real joy. I booked it from overseas and hadn't come across anything so unique for an intense month long programme in jewellery which met my needs. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Lucy and her team here. Together they have created an amazingly positive, friendly, supportive environment for jewellers and would be jeweller's to come together and share ideas and inspiration within the studio. There are various course types to choose from and a studio membership for those fortunate to live close by. Or even if you don't! It's worth the trip! A review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the beautiful tropical garden to hang out in, complete with hammocks. And of course Lucy's canine family members, Lennie and Howie! A huge thank you to you all ; Lucy, Vennice, Fatimah, Dameli & Shaun. Until next time!

Class Levels Explained

This is just a rough guide. Explanations of requirements will be provided for each class individually

  • Beginner

    Ideal for those relatively early on in their jewellery career. No experience is necessary to join these classes. Don’t worry we’ll take you through all the details here.

  • Beginner Plus

    It’s expected that students know how to use the basic tools such as a torch, jewelers saw, pliers and files etc. We will still go relatively deep with explanations here so no drama if you want to push yourself a little.

  • Intermediate

    Students should be confident in making basic jewellery such as rings, pendants etc, and understand basic stone setting techniques such as flush and bezel. In-depth details for basic techniques will not be covered.

  • Intermediate Plus

    It’s expected that students know how to use the torch effectively, and have had experience in making more complex pieces with multiple solder joins, as well as being proficient with all standard tools. If the project includes stone setting, students should be experienced in flush, bezel, tube and prong setting for rose cuts and cabochons – this however is dependent upon the project.

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Our Promise:

  • Clarity

    We cut out the jargon, waffle and filler and get straight to the information that you need to take your jewellery making step by step to the next level.

  • Confidence

    Step by step customisable projects mean that students can gain confidence, creativity and technical skills at their own pace

  • Community

    With our students-only Facebook group you will never be alone. We and the rest of our online community will be with you virtually every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to take the classes in a specific order

    Ideally you'll want to start with the classes that match your skill level. We have broken them down in to various categories and levels to help you figure out where to start. But if you're brand new to this, just work through the classes in the order they appear on the website.

  • Do I need specialist tools and equipment?

    Absolutely! Each class will have a full list of tools required that you can download - you definitely don't need every tool on the list however, we just wanted to cover everything used in the videos and handouts. We strongly recommend you watch the videos and read the handouts before purchasing any tools

  • Will I get a certificate

    Upon submission of an acceptable final assignment we will issue a certificate.

  • I can't seem to purchase more than one course at a time, is it possible to select courses and purchase them all together?

    Unfortunately the platform we are using does not support selecting multiple classes for purchase at once. We have created several bundles of classes to help make things easier, but unfortunately if you want to pick and choose the classes, they have to be purchased separately.

  • Can I download the handouts and videos?

    Yes you can absolutely download the handouts! it would be pretty difficult to have to keep your laptop at your workbench! Videos however can only be watched through the website

  • How long are the classes?

    The length of the class depends on the project itself. We do however promise to keep our videos entirely waffle free and direct to the point!

  • What format are the classes in?

    All our classes are delivered as both on demand video and PDF format and include details such as where to purchase supplies and extensive tool lists.

  • What materials do I need for the class?

    All classes will come with a downloadable list of materials required, and most of our classes will have options to suit every budget in terms of materials to work in.

  • Will Lucy be able to personally answer any questions we have on the classes?

    We love to hear from our students, but in order to be able to keep our classes at a price point affordable for all, the classes are not interactive. With over 3000 students currently enrolled, it would be impossible to reply to messages from everyone – we are a tiny team and would have no time to create the content you love if we did! If you do want that little extra support however, don’t worry at all, we will be launching membership options later this year which will include us going live every week to answer your questions online.

A Note About Our Classes

There are as many ways of doing things as there are tutors. We will teach you the techniques and skills that we have found work best for us.  If you have taken classes before, you will most likely notice some variety in the way things are taught. It's not usually that one way is better or worse, just different.  We encourage you to take as many classes as you can, from as many instructors as you can, and find what works best for you!